In the Community with Ian

In the Community with Ian

Phoenix Run Community Revitalization

Leadership isn’t what you say; it’s what you do. Ian isn’t afraid to roll up his sleeves and get dirty if it means helping his community. Ian worked with community activists to paint and revitalize the basketball courts in Town of La Plata’s Phoenix Run neighborhood.

Interview with Class-y Room Podcast

Ian spoke with the Class-y Room Podcast team dissecting his record on the Board of Education and talking about education policy across Charles County and the state.

Interview with BNY Network

Ian had a great time breaking down his bid for Commissioner in a comprehensive 3 hour interview with BNY Network. With over 200 comments and a podcast record level of community engagement, watch Ian answer hard-hitting questions ranging from his experience on the school board to his focus on modernizing county amenities.

Southern Maryland News Interview

“The Charles County Board of Education’s student member is setting his sights on higher office in this July’s primary elections… If elected to the county commissioner seat, Herd said his goals would be to make the budgetary process more transparent for residents and to modernize county services.”