Charles County will be Herd!

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Charles County will be Herd!

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Fully Fund Our Schools

After serving on the Board of Education for two years, Ian saw the yearly battle to fund our schools first-hand. It’s time we fully invest in our future.

Modernize County Amenities

Charles County is growing, but are our public services? Charles County is home of the 4th largest population center and yet lacks a modern community center to accommodate our growing needs.

Support our First Responders

Charles County is the 3rd fastest growing county in Maryland. It is critical that our Fire & Emergency Medical Services have the resources required to match our growth.

Platform Incoming…

As Ian continues to consult with local stakeholders to address issues of concern in the community throughout the campaign, be sure to check back for a more in-depth platform. If you have a perspective you want to share, please reach out to chat over the phone or lunch by emailing!

Contribute to help spread the word!

Participate in our $22 to take 2022 event. Every dollar helps us reach another Charles County voter with our message.

Ian interviews with WBAL TV regarding the State of Maryland’s Community Outreach Initiative with Boys & Girls Clubs of America.

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Have you registered to vote?

Be sure to register in time for the June 28th Democratic Primary. In Maryland, only registered Democrats can vote in Democratic Primaries. If you were born before November 8th, 2004, you are eligible to vote for Ian in the primary on June 28th.